Privacy/Security Policy

It is the policy of Memento Photography Pty Ltd (ABN 60 112 483 093) to respect your privacy at all times. The names and addresses and any other contact details that you provide us with, will be used only for the purposes of mailing your photographs to you and contacting you in relation to your graduation photographs. We will not pass on to any third party your contact details. Any credit card information that you provide us with through this website is transferred in an encrypted format to the bank and is not stored on this website. Any details that you provide are in a high security area of the website and are transferred with secure encryption.

Refund policy

Should there be any technical blemishes to your photographs we will endeavour to correct them, Should we not be able to correct them our liability is strictly limited to refunding your money.

Contact Details

Memento Photography P/L,
PO Box 135, Glebe 2037.
Phone: 0407 315 060 | email

Welcome to Memento Photography's web site. You can order your graduation photographs in two ways:

ON GRADUATION DAY you can preview your photographs immediately after your ceremony and place your order at our service desk: click here for our location.


AFTER GRADUATION DAY you can preview your photographs and place your order on this web site. You must come to our service desk on graduation day to pick up your personal log-in code: click here for our location.

This website is only available for students of the University of Sydney prior to 2015: requests for log-ins for 2015 will receive no response. Should you have graduated prior to 2015, the full service of this website is still available.


Please enter here the log-in code that you obtained from us on graduation day.